30 December 2018

No Mud, No Lotus – Maya Yonika

Beloveds, I would like, if I may, to introduce you to Maya – Maya Papaya on Facebook, Maya Yonika on Twitter.
Maya is something of a celebrity in the little world of Tantra, the somewhat larger world of polyamory, and is perhaps threatened with greater exposure to the world at large – there are persistent rumors of a TV series in the making.
Maya stars in a controversial documentary style moviewhich features one of the temples of American tantra before it was assaulted – one of the targets in the “Operation Goddess Temple” defilements.
She has written a memoir of her journey through wild and scary areas of life, gathering the experiences and lessons that brought her to her spiritual path.
It is a great read on many levels: For Tantrikas, it is an archetypal tale of the tantric path to awakening. For explorers of sexuality, it provides comradeship and the sharing of bad decisions made, which, let’s face it, are most of the fun. For people seeking to live in picket-fence marital harmony, it is a thrilling cautionary tale. Even the prurient get to enjoy it because it gives them  some great scenarios involving sex, betrayal and non-standard relating to fuel their fevered dreams.
Throughout, Maya’s self-awareness brings a lightness and humour to even the darker aspects of her story. She provokes good inquiry into the dynamics of relating, cheating, sharing, owning and personal responsibility without getting at all lectury.
One strong theme that has provoked much discussion and controversy is her becoming a sexual healer, her questioning her guidance in awakening to her path. Some of this can be seen in that aforementioned movie. In the book though, her narrative explores themes which the movie barely hints at.
The archetype of the tantric path is significantly different from a seeker with an objective of self-improvement. Tantrikas are not content with slow and gentle improvement. They take risks in their living that others could not face. They learn at least as much from their participation in the worldly areas of life as much as they do in their formal practices and meditations. Their lives bring questions to areas of life that others leave unexplored. Harsh, for the one living the life … but stories of such lives are great to read.
Read it: No Mud, No Lotusa memoir of sex, betrayal and spiritual awakening
… and meet Maya – Maya Papaya on Facebook,  Maya Yonika on Twitter.

Originally published in Mindchaotica, Dec 2013.

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