09 September 2012

Sexual Awakening for Women

Sexual Awakening for Women
a tantric workbook
By Shakti Mari Malan

Shakti is a truly remarkable woman. Before her initiation into tantra, she had a PhD in anthropology and her own successful consultancy in social sustainability.

By the time she met me, her spiritual life was every bit as well advanced as her career. She had been drawn to initiation in an African tradition and had already started her work of guiding women to a deeper understanding of themselves.

Shakti was one of my first initiates and rapidly gained the capacity, understanding and power that characterises a dakini truly worthy of the title.

Many men and many women have been initiated and guided by Shakti. She has visited much of the planet, meeting seekers in individual sessions and intensive residential retreats.

Her already immense contribution to complete-path tantra is now crowned by the release of “Sexual Awakening for Women”. A truly remarkable book.

Sexual Awakening for Women is available at advaittantra.com and shakti.co.za
Look inside the kindle edition at amazon.

It is a work book. In a concise 300 pages, it conveys a remarkable amount of information.

The book follows the structure that Shakti has used in teaching women’s groups.

It is designed for women as an experiential journey. A journey, not just a few steps.

This book details 100 exercises with illustrations by Lauren Sweet and the shared experiences of many of the women that Shakti has guided in this work.

It is intended to be worked through, thoroughly, as a guide and support to women on, or wanting to benefit from the understandings of, the tantric path.

Already, it is being used as intended. Groups of women have been forming specifically to work their way together through the book.

Some of these groups are led by Shakti’s students, and Shakti herself is presenting retreats and workshops for women based on it. Most, though, have been started by women who started reading the book and decided to continue the journey with friends.

Sexual Awakening for Women is a wonderfully generous book. It is very rare to find a book on any topic that is worth more than a few month’s study. This one is going to take a few years. A few very rich, deep and juicy years.

Enjoy, Beloveds.

Sexual Awakening for Women is available at advaittantra.com and shakti.co.za
Look inside the kindle edition at amazon.

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