23 September 2012

Dakinis, Yoginis, Touch and Tantra

In response to recent questions about our different kinds of sessions work:

Yoginis (touch work practitioners) work, at first, with the authority of the school, using techniques taught to them by Dakini Wendy, Yogini Annwen and me. In this structure, their own teaching arises. When they are teaching completely from their own authority, they have embodied the secrets of Tantra and we call them Dakinis.

Dakinis work with addressing all obstacles to awareness and direct transmission of the experiential lessons of Tantra. Addressing all areas of life in which obstacles occur requires a mastery of physicality, mind training, strategy,erotic work, relationship patterns and meditation. Their sessions work is as varied as the needs (not wants!) of their students.

Dakinis also provide guidance, in the sense of holding an overview, of their more sincere students. They also guide those inclined to devotion. They refer these students to touch practitioners when appropriate, and students who do well with the lessons of touch work get referred to Dakinis and me by Yoginis if it looks like their Tantra is something they feel strongly about.

These divisions - descriptions and titles - we use are at best a rough guide to categorisation of our work. They describe the general tendencies, how it generally looks. Also, the general style of sessions.

A Tantra session with a Dakini: Typically, a man arrives for his session and the current, immediate obstacle to his awareness is met, explored and either resolved, or a damn good start made. It may not be something that he is even aware of. It can be confronting, comforting, painful or blissful, depending what the Dakini discerns and how willingly he takes the lessons. Whatever that obstacle is and whatever it takes … There is no sense in trying to define what could not happen in sessions.

Touch session with a Yogini: What will happen is much more predictable. Some of their core techniques are described at the touch work page. What you will experience in a touch work session, though, can be every bit as moving as any other aspect of our work and is just as individual, and therefore just as unpredictable. This is why Tantrikas are mostly on first name terms with the Goddess of Chaos.

Tantric sexuality - the real thing - is about using your sexual energies to fuel your meditation. For this to happen, the body has to be able to feel strong sensations with great sensitivity, and with no imposed erotic overlays from the mind. Not an easy objective. Hence 90% of what we teach could more truly be called 'getting ready for Tantra'.

Men have sessions with me for a variety of reasons. Some struggle with their devotion to or their lessons from another teacher, some need to discuss hard feelings, high-stakes strategies, their relationships or technical sex advice. Some are referred by Dakinis or Yoginis for help in particular areas. It has happened too, that men who have tried relating to Yoginis or Dakinis as entertainers or pleasure-merchants have been told to have a session with me (for me to explain…) before they can book further sessions with anyone else. others enjoy the mind-wrestling of higher philosophy.

Most of the women who have sessions with me first learned from Dakinis and Yoginis, some for several years. Some sessions are about exploring into and through to the other side of tensions and uncomfortable reactions to touch and intimacy. For some women, a session is an introduction to her birthright, for others, an initiation into her own wisdom and teaching. Some sessions are filled with laughter, and some, with tears. All decisions are made by her from our discussion of the what, the why and the how of what best supports awareness. Women also have sessions with me for all the reasons men do.

My touch and erotic sessions work, the brief description:

Touch work (also called bottom-up) - basically giving the body a strong experience of loving intimacy, and helping you through the judgements, tensions, numbnesses and so on that might arise and be in the way of blissful acceptance of sensation.

The process can be crudely described as "I make friends with your body. Your body and I gang up against your mind. 

Erotic work - (top down) Working with your eroticism, that which your mind says is hot. Obviously, much of this happens just by following what attracts you in day to day life. The work we do in sessions is to help you meet eroticisms and fantasies that are difficult, inconvenient, dangerous … safely.

Crudely put, it is a process of destroying the mind's versions of love/intimacy/intensity to make way for the reality of these things to be experienced.

It happens, but not often, that someone has an eroticism to work on at a first session. Usually, we discuss the work in a bit of depth and start with touch work.

Often, a session or two of touch work gives the mind 'permission' to reveal suppressed (therefore currently unknown to you) eroticisms.

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