23 September 2012

Dakinis, Yoginis, Touch and Tantra

In response to recent questions about our different kinds of sessions work:

Yoginis (touch work practitioners) work, at first, with the authority of the school, using techniques taught to them by Dakini Wendy, Yogini Annwen and me. In this structure, their own teaching arises. When they are teaching completely from their own authority, they have embodied the secrets of Tantra and we call them Dakinis.

Dakinis work with addressing all obstacles to awareness and direct transmission of the experiential lessons of Tantra. Addressing all areas of life in which obstacles occur requires a mastery of physicality, mind training, strategy,erotic work, relationship patterns and meditation. Their sessions work is as varied as the needs (not wants!) of their students.

Dakinis also provide guidance, in the sense of holding an overview, of their more sincere students. They also guide those inclined to devotion. They refer these students to touch practitioners when appropriate, and students who do well with the lessons of touch work get referred to Dakinis and me by Yoginis if it looks like their Tantra is something they feel strongly about.

These divisions - descriptions and titles - we use are at best a rough guide to categorisation of our work. They describe the general tendencies, how it generally looks. Also, the general style of sessions.

19 September 2012

Operation Goddess Temple

Open letter to the Maricopa County Attorney


Dear William Montgomery

In response to your “Operation Goddess Temple”.

In September 2011 Temples of Tantra in Phoenix and Sedona were defiled. Heavily armed storm troopers caused extensive damage to property and put many lives at risk. Several of the women arrested have told me of violent and sexually abusive conduct on the part of the militarily equipped fellows, the more normal-looking police men, court officials and prison authorities.

17 September 2012

Yes and No? :a Seeker's Story

A short story by a student of our school...

The path was easy, worn well and traveled straight from point to point. Along the way I met happy people, each focused on their own journey, moving forward. The Spring morning was crisp and at sunup carried a magic with it that most people on the path didn’t seem to notice. It was a friendly road, people chatting or greeting each other. It was a safe path, a beautiful day and an easy slope. We all traveled the same direction, some of them ran while others walked, but I dawdled for the grass and the trees were too green not to notice. Along the path, set back a bit, was a shady forest, thick and dark. It was the sort of place stories might be told of.

09 September 2012

Sexual Awakening for Women

Sexual Awakening for Women
a tantric workbook
By Shakti Mari Malan

Shakti is a truly remarkable woman. Before her initiation into tantra, she had a PhD in anthropology and her own successful consultancy in social sustainability.

By the time she met me, her spiritual life was every bit as well advanced as her career. She had been drawn to initiation in an African tradition and had already started her work of guiding women to a deeper understanding of themselves.

Shakti was one of my first initiates and rapidly gained the capacity, understanding and power that characterises a dakini truly worthy of the title.

Many men and many women have been initiated and guided by Shakti. She has visited much of the planet, meeting seekers in individual sessions and intensive residential retreats.

Her already immense contribution to complete-path tantra is now crowned by the release of “Sexual Awakening for Women”. A truly remarkable book.

Sexual Awakening for Women is available at advaittantra.com and shakti.co.za
Look inside the kindle edition at amazon.