28 March 2012


How much of what I think of as my love is my wanting? How much wanting have I done in the name of love?
M Scott Peck says: "Real love is wanting the other person's good. Romantic love is wanting the other person."    

For the last 2 or 3 years I have been deeply challenged in the realms of romantic rejection and watching the beloved love another.
Comparison, jealousy, feelings of deep deficiency and accompanying depression are well traversed territories in me. 

"God, I am so sick of this! I WANT to be WANTED, DAMMIT!!!" I bang my hand on the steering wheel while tearing around mountain pass corners in my little bakkie. My teachers sit squashed on the bench seat next to me on our way back from dinner, taking in my emotive outburst and boisterous driving style with equal equanimous grace. "So your wanting is for a theoretical state in another's mind?", one says. "Look carefully and see if you can find any dharma in that".

The jealousy and hunger for love (not any kind of love, mind you: Very specific love in specific ways from specific people... in what my teacher refers to as Mind Symbols) makes me feel wild, and desperate like some kind of caged creature that is starving to death... and there is that in me which is dying, because it is time for it to die now.
But it doesn't go down without a fight. This desperate place in my unconscious is the spawning ground for all my manipulation, for my clutching onto intimate relationships, my pushing, my forcing, these insistences that arise from my mind, rather than from my being. 

I am gradually learning to make space for the horrible states created by my thoughts- these deficient, heavy states. 
I give up trying to get my external to rescue me from them - all that manoeuvring I have done in the name of Love to try to get others, particularly the beloved, to convince me that it's not true: This horrible self image I have. And I let myself go... into this frightening feeling, these mucky, sticky, heavy, murky depths.  
Yes- I am worthless. 
Yes- I am so small. 
I lack.
I am so deeply deficient.
I am the loser.
I give up trying to fight these things.
My body becomes so heavy that I can't stay upright.
I slump down flat, sinking into the mud...

And then somehow in this surrender, this death, there is a calm. I find myself looking at the thoughts and the feelings with compassion... And find that I am not that.
In my heart there is value. I can see the value of my surrender, the value of that which has chosen this surrender. 

Today a shoot breaks through the surface of the mud... gradually it climbs through the dark muddy water towards the light...
Painting by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Thank you dear Wendy and Rahasya for your loving guidance last week during our tantra practitioner training. 


  1. Thank you lovely beloved. You, your words, are a beautiful mirror to the vestiges of my most stubborn fears. Someday the past and the future will be simple dandelions floating in the air of our minds. ♥ Rohan

  2. I wholeheartedly agree!

  3. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Annwen, this is so vulnerable, honest and beautiful! I love and admire your search for truth, your willingness to out urself and your ego on the line in the quest to be real! I love and honour you sacred sistar! Ahrian

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