11 January 2012

Here it begins ~ Yogini Journey

 Here it begins

Hmmm, gratitude...: I fell asleep watching the stars above the southern hills. Now the light is oranging its way up those rocks. A speed boat streaks across the calm sea and cool air comes with its quiet caress on my morning skin. I'm feeling awe at the magical movements in my life.

I stood in my doorway waring my string of Mala beads - a gift to mark my initiation - as Rahasya, my teacher, left yesterday after his month's stay, saying: Goodbye Yogini.
We had decided that I would start practicing.  An hour later I mentioned this to someone on line and they booked a session for yesterday.
I panicked silently... and said Yes. They came and I think it went well...
I love this work.  Awakening consciousness and capacity for love and bliss is the most important thing in my life... I am in my element.

I am a tantrika... Here it begins.
Where will this lead, I wonder. How will this affect me having my own mate and family?
In this territory there are fewer and fewer road signs. I head off into an exquisite wilderness. My guides are stars and orange rocks and instinct and the breath of sea air on skin. The subtle whispers saying This way... That way...
I am an adventurer, an explorer of the Heart Land.


  1. So beautifully expressed :-)
    Wishing so much joy on this leg of your journey.

  2. :-)!! Thank you. And to yours.