04 July 2010

Tantric missionaries

In the Western world, Ideas and practices of value are most effectively spread as products. Things, experiences and information that can be sold. Tantra has grown into a business sector, which has given it it's now significant reach.

For a teaching to be successful in business terms, it has to gain and maintain wide appeal. It has to present itself in a way that makes it as interesting as possible to as many as possible. This has made a lot of really good beginner work available. Even a lot of teacher training, which has expanded the business sector and made initiatory and introductory practices widely available.

The Tantra school that has happened here, halfway between East and West, exists to make the true depths of Tantra available to Western seekers. To manage that, the core work of the school had to be the development and support of women who could become Dakinis.

I have written a bit more about the sexism in this school and the necessity of Dakinis to authentic Tantra at the school's weblog.

So now, it is time to make the teachings that Dakinis have developed available to seekers who suspect that Tantra has depths beyond ejaculatory continence, bigger orgasms and blissful states. Dakinis of this school have now made a few trips to introduce our teaching to the Western world.

Currently, Dakini Shakti is teaching in Portland, Ashland and hopefully in San Francisco too - in America till 14 July, and teaching all along the way before heading to Ireland, and then home. She updates her news at her blog and announces her events as they are arranged.

I have, of course, been following her travels with interest. The response to her teaching has been gratifying. Of course, some have been challenged and have felt threatened, but mostly, she has found a receptive and interested audience. Some have glimpsed her depths and have delighted by the possibilities she represents. Many have expressed gratitude.

Some will be coming to the International Sexuality and Consciousness conference in Cape Town this December. Here's a link to video of our presentations at last years conference.


  1. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Hi, I've looked all over Shakti's site and can't find any reference to where she'll be or what she'll be doing in Ireland, can you point me in the right direction to find out, please? Thanks in advance :-)

  2. Shakti and Warrior Queen got in touch.

    Shakti did not do any teaching in Ireland (except what she does, waking and sleeping anyway) and rested.

    She is now back in Cape Town.