09 December 2009

Throwing Rocks

I love the image of the hag who has a little house amongst the trees that most pass by without seeing. If some traveler happens to come upon her meditation hut , she will throw rocks, giggling, from her hiding place.

She has not a moments concern for your curiosity or your need for a massage.

But .. for the one that arrives, and she looks into his soul and sees the battle of lifetimes in the search for truth .. for this one .. he will meet her unbounded self, he will meet the wild freedom of the dakini, who no longer knows how to be anything else but what she is. He will meet him self.

There is contrast, the description above may be what the sufis call the inner qalb or heart. The periphery of my being does engage in a wider sense. She ventures out to talk to groups of people, interviews, tantra movie projects and then returns to her hut as the darkness settles upon the earth.

Somehow both contrasts are true expression of this being that is called dakini. The hag in the hut has been the greater expression of the two, but it feels like now I have found a way to remain in the inner qalb while venturing out into the distant peripheries of being.

Perhaps I will meet you there...


Shima Opening-Lotus

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