07 October 2008

Return to the Wild Woman: A retreat for women on the 24 - 26 October

A further word from Shakti:

Our aim with this retreat is to share with you the mysteries of Skydancing. Dakini literally means Skydancer. In Tantra, Skydancing is a term used to refer to the deep state of ecstasy and merging with the cosmos that can happen for a woman in lovemaking. While it is exquisite to share this with a partner, it is possible - and advisable - to open the pathways for this bliss in your own body to begin with. Our methods for this retreat will be
supporting you to dance yourself into your unique body ecstasy
teaching and sharing the mysteries of female sexuality through practical techniques
supporting each other as a sisterhood, a sacred tribe of courageous women

A further word from Shima:

Some of you have heard of the Dakinis. The word Dakini means Sky Dancer. When the Dakini is deep in the meditation of love making she dancers the sky, she dancers existence, with her beloved the masculine rock beneath her. The beloved holds the ground for her to dance upon.

This beauty of the love making meditation, of Sky Dancing has been been forgotten on our planet for thousands of years.

Now we evoke the Sky Dancing once again.

Women have been brought up to believe that most or all of their sexual expression is wrong and must only be presented in an acceptable way according to the culture. This is our prison, this is our suffering as we force ourselves into a tiny mind construct and refuse the flowering of our being.

The return of the Wild Woman invites a great unlearning. In this unlearning our true being begins to emerge and we dance again.

If you are experiencing fear or excitement this is often a sign on the path - a big flashing neon sign - saying this is exactly where your next learning will be.

So Shakti and I offer this workshop that it may call the spirit of woman back into the land. Aah sisters, come, dance again.

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