02 December 2006

Cunt - much appreciated. Thanks be to Inga

A student recently recommended I read "Cunt", Inga Muscio's "a declaration of independence" ISBN 1-58005-015-8

I was a leetle resistant, as I generally am in the situation of adding to my "keeping up with the culture" reading list, but the fellow insisted that there was a freshness to it, some qualitative difference from the feminist and post feminist stuff I've long ago absorbed. I agreed, and he filched it from a Dakini's library.

I finished it last night, and found it indeed a fresh expression, a deep awareness is expressed, and though much has been said before, it's a really worthwhile incitement to women in the (there now is only one) culture.

I highly recommend it to males and females alike.

The title is direct - cunt - and is a worthy attempt to reclaim this word's original usage. It derives from the Kund, the revered source of life energy in the woman's body. Source of the word Kundalini. A fine, respectul-of-the-goddess word that has been demonised, given an overlayer of association with "badness" over time, because it was too powerful a word to remove or replace from human language.

When women can say "cunt" with pride, and men can say it with respect, we'll have come a long way indeed.